You Deserve a Break

If You’re Trying to Conceive, a “Dry” January May Be a Good Idea

The holidays are fraught with emotion, particularly for those dealing with infertility. Happy, sad and everything in between. After your roller coaster ride of feelings in December, you may want to consider giving yourself the gift of a treatment respite to begin the New Year. If you’re trying to conceive, a month off may be just what you need to regroup and renew your commitment to your treatment plan.

Is Taking a Break a Good Idea?

It can be. Infertility is stressful, and it’s commonly linked to depression and anxiety. Taking a month off from the emotionally, and physically, exhausting business of trying to get pregnant can help you press the reset button. A temporary break from the appointments, testing, and near-constant worry can do wonders for your state of mind.

Taking a break may also be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Decisions: There are so many decisions to make during infertility treatment, from finances to which treatment is best for you. If you find yourself grappling with a tough call, taking a step away may give you some clarity.
  • Loss: Pregnancy loss takes a toll physically and emotionally. Allowing yourself time to process feelings associated with the loss can help you move forward.
  • Uncertainty: Are you feeling that you may have invested all you can invest–emotionally, spiritually, and financially? If so, it can be helpful to take a break from treatment to give yourself space to determine if you’ve reached the point where “enough is enough.”

What Does Taking a Break Entail?

First things first, speak with your doctor. Even if a month off could slightly affect your chance of success, your doctor may recommend it if the benefits to your overall well-being outweigh any downside. Your fertility specialist can also instruct you on what to do regarding tests and medication, and how to get back into treatment once your break ends.

Discuss an end date with your partner. One month? Maybe two? Putting a plan in place up front and knowing you’re both heading in the same direction will allow you to truly enjoy and make the most of the time off.

What to Do During Your Time Off

Rediscover your life. Your infertility won’t go away during your break, but the daily monitoring, testing, waiting, etc. that you endure while undergoing treatment will. If you’ve avoided travel while being treated, go for a quick getaway. Reconnect with your partner; reinstitute some spontaneity in your sex life. It’s amazing what not sticking to a strict schedule can do for your relationship. When you’re ready to try again, you’ll feel refreshed and may realize that having a “dry” January was just what you needed.

Trying to conceive? Once your “dry” month is complete, the team at Nevada Fertility Center can help! Contact our clinic today to schedule an appointment with a Las Vegas fertility specialist. Our clinic is here to help you realize your dream of family.