What is INVOcell? How does it work? And, is it just as successful as traditional IVF?


Created by INVO Bioscience, INVOcell(tm) is “the first and only FDA-cleared option of its kind used in fertility treatment,” and “uses your body as an incubator for fertilization, making you an even greater part of the process.”

Fun fact: We’re the only INVOcell providers in the Intermountain West.

Why INVOcell?

Because of its nature, INVOcell requires fewer doctors visits, fewer blood tests, fewer medications, and is less costly.

INVOcell also allows you to play a greater part in the embryo formation process, using the vagina as a natural incubator.


How Does INVOcell Work?

How Effective is INVOcell?

We now have data that clearly demonstrates that INVOcell has comparable live birth rates to traditional IVF. As you visit Dr. Foulk , he will evaluate your specific situation. They’ll want to look at the health of the uterine cavity, the age of the egg, the health of the sperm, and other factors to determine whether INVOcell is the right option for you.

“Would I be a good candidate for INVOcell treatment?” Schedule your fertility check to find out.